How To Get A Roblox Verification Badge

In the recent Roblox Developers Conference 2022, Roblox announced the introduction of verification badges. Currently this badge is rolling out for all Roblox players, with proportion of players gaining access each time as they are currently testing this feature, meaning you may or may not be able to see verified users on Roblox.

Roblox Verification Badge

The verification badge is a tilted blue square with a white tick on it, this badge will be placed next to the player’s name on their profile as you see below:

This badge is used to identify notable Roblox players when looking for their profiles to help stop impersonation and scams, but how exactly do you get one?

How To Get The Verification Badge On Roblox

The verification badge is currently an invitation only feature, meaning Roblox will reach out to you to notify you that you are eligible for the badge. You will either get an email from Roblox or a message on the DevForum about this.

To get invited to have a verified badge you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You are a Roblox developer (you must meet a sufficient number of hours of engagement)
  • You are a UGC creator (you must meet a sufficient number of items sold & Robux revenue)
  • You are a off-platform figure (Roblox choses select partners for the initial rollout)
  • You are a notable user or group owner (Roblox has a criteria metric to decide this)

The specific number values for the invitation criteria, for example Robux revenue for UGC creators, are currently not of public knowledge however we may get specific values in the future.

If you feel you meet the criteria above you also must have ID verification on your Roblox account with 2-step verification by the Authenticator App to have a verification badge.

Video Guide

If you would like to digest this content in video format, watch NoobBlox’s video below explaining everything about the verification badge on Roblox.

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